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Tokyo Akasaka Shiodome Daiba Shinagawa Shinjuku Nihonbashi


We never close  Service hours 6:30pm-2:30am
           Reservation hours 3pm-2am

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Service Information

During counseling you will be introduced to your therapist and asked a range of questions. Please explain in as much detail as possible where you normally tire most and where you feel pain or fatigued. Clients can also specify whether they would like a firm/strong massage or a gentle/soothing massage. Please feel free to mention your preference to your therapist.

Shoulder & Neck Massage

A relaxing aroma oil massage to relieve fatigue from the neck and shoulder area. Deep-penetrating pain from stiff shoulders can be alleviated by applying vertical pressure on the points surrounding the neck and shoulders.


Back Massage

Massaging the back can effectively relieve mentally related stomach pain and constipation. Allow the professional staff at TES to gently massage and relieve the strain from tired and tense muscles. Gentle massaging, rubbing and shiatsu can also assist in improving blood circulation.

Thigh Massage

This massage is designed to relieve swelling in the joints by stimulating the lymph glands in the thighs. It increases blood flow to the feet and effectively relieves fatigue.

Calf Massage

This massage helps to relieve the tired and heavy feeling from the legs and is perfectly suited to soothe and relax the tired legs of those who are always on their feet or salespeople who cover a lot of ground at work.


Aromatic oils are used to stimulate the pressure points for the entire body found on the soles of the feet. Starting out as a gentle and soothing massage providing caressing stimulation, the applied pressure can be adjusted to your preferred level of sensitivity.

 A coures whole body massage and Aroma oil massage  1 Hour: 15,000 yen
 B coures whole body massage and Aroma oil massage  1 hour and half: 25,000 yen
 C coures whole body massage and Aroma oil massage  2 Hour: 30,000 yen
 1 hour extension  20,000 yen
 30 minutes extension  10,000yen

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Tokyo Escort Massage
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